Laura AI-minds

Created by team AI Minds on July 30, 2023

AI-Minds presents an innovative language-learning application designed to bridge the communication gap across cultures. Utilizing groundbreaking technologies like GPT, Wisper, and ElevenLabs' realistic text-to-voice conversion, the application serves as a personal language tutor named Laura. Users can speak or write to Laura in their native language, receiving real-time feedback and guidance in the language they are learning. Whether preparing to emigrate, connect with a foreign culture, or simply enhance language skills, our solution offers an accessible and affordable pathway to proficiency. Through a monthly subscription model, learners gain unlimited access to this unique language-learning experience. The application not only teaches words and phrases but also provides cultural insights, making language learning an enriching and holistic experience. AI-Minds is committed to continuous innovation and aims to make language learning an accessible and enjoyable journey for all.

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"Impressive interactive application. Additional functionality would make this increasingly innovative."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student