Risq AI

Created by team Risq AI on December 28, 2023

Up to 70% of bugs are created at the design phase of the software development process. Many of these bugs also aren't caught until later on in the process, costing the US $400 billion in 2020. Many offerings exist for catching and addressing errors or bugs at later stages (such as the coding, testing, or release stage), but no dedicated tool exists at the design phase. Until now. We need a tool that can help analyze and catch problems at the design level, is convenient for developers to use, and also does not store the enterprise's private data. Risq AI works in the browser on any Google Document, analyzing issues quickly and conveniently. Ship better, with Risq AI.

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"Wow, this is amazing. The presentation covered all the bases, from product to pricing to GTM. Well done. Where can I send the term sheet :P."


Hardik Vala