Created by team AIEscape on July 31, 2023

AI ESCAPE is an innovative virtual reality game that offers players an immersive escape room experience controlled by an intelligent and witty AI assistant. Through engaging conversations, clever riddles, and dynamic interactions, players must persuade the AI to help them escape the room. The game features voice commands, allowing players to request items like hotdogs, pizzas, or even flood the room with water or poison gas, adding layers of excitement and challenge. Infused with scientifically-backed Solfeggio frequencies, AI ESCAPE also provides a therapeutic journey, blending entertainment with mental well-being. With infinite replay value and captivating visuals, AI ESCAPE is more than a game; it's a groundbreaking adventure that stimulates the mind and soothes the soul.

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"I am very impressed by your creativity and vision. AI ESCAPE is a brilliant idea that combines virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and sound therapy to create a unique and immersive escape room experience. - The game concept is very original and appealing. I like how you use voice commands to interact with the AI assistant and the environment. This adds a lot of realism and fun to the game. The AI assistant is also very witty and clever, making the conversations engaging and challenging. - The only suggestion I have for improvement is to add more features and options to customize the game experience. For example, you could allow players to choose different voices, the tone, the difficulty level, the time limit, the number of hints, etc. You could also add more items and interactions to the room. Overall, I think AI ESCAPE is an amazing project that showcases your talent and innovation. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful game! I hope you enjoyed participating in the hackathon and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. 😊"


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur