Metahuman AI

Created by team AvaLab on July 30, 2023

This project involves the development and implementation of a Metahuman AI system designed to enhance interactions across various industries, from sales and customer support to education. The system uses advanced AI technology to guide conversations, ensuring all necessary details are gathered while maintaining an interactive and engaging dialogue. The Metahuman AI system follows a structured conversation flow, starting with a friendly greeting and ending with a warm closure. Throughout the conversation, the system is designed to understand user needs, provide relevant information, propose suitable solutions, and confirm user satisfaction. Key features of the system include Entity Extraction, which allows the AI to identify, extract, and store relevant information during interactions, and Product Recommendations, which enables the AI to suggest products or solutions seamlessly within the conversation based on uploaded data. The system also includes a Text to Speech feature, transforming text responses into audible speech for a more engaging user experience. Overall, this project aims to revolutionize interactions across various sectors, making them more efficient, personalized, and user-centric through the use of Metahuman AI technology.

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