Created by team UT Altamira Red Dragons on February 23, 2024

Warning: This was created by rookies, so it's not very impressive, we're just happy to participate. This app is designed to assist individuals with ADHD in effectively organizing their to-do lists. It acts as a supportive assistant by asking guiding questions, providing suggestions, and offering support as needed. The app prioritizes simplicity and clarity in its interactions while maintaining an empathetic, patient, and adaptable approach to cater to the unique preferences and challenges of each user. It meticulously breaks down tasks into manageable sub-tasks that can be completed in short bursts of time, ensuring they are rewarding and maintain user motivation. The goal is to help users manage their tasks more effectively, making daily planning and execution more accessible and less overwhelming.

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"great job, just to think of ADHD people is very considarate, but you didn't use trulens, your demo is not working at all to see what is the output. your ppt is too short and lacks business part. continue working on it and refine the idea to be unique. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor