Check In Fraud Ones

Created by team Ack links on August 21, 2023

It’s all about how to protect and aware people of cyber fraud or online fraud or electronic fraud……. • To help target Victim’s brainwashing and manipulation. • Using past and present or current data to trace the frauds and take legit action. • Verify content data explicit level. Fraud Detection System for Cyber and Online Fraud Protection and Awareness Standards: 1. Preventing brainwashing and manipulation of targeted victims. 2. Utilizing historical and current data to trace fraud and take legitimate action. 3. Verifying content data explicit level and potential harm to society. Objectives: • Develop an advanced fraud detection system using machine learning and data analysis techniques. • Raise awareness among users about different types of online fraud and how to avoid them. • Provide actionable insights and recommendations based on fraud detection results. By using the past and present we will have the data that will help us to trace and avoid online fraud which happens through the earned money online fraud websites...etc

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