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• Companies spend an average of $3,864 per hire (Johnson Service Group, 2019). • 75% of hiring professionals lose top talent due to lengthy hiring processes (ManpowerGroup, 2024). ATS tools are widely used to speed up hiring processes. BUT: • 88% of employers find that ATS often miss top talent (Harvard Business Review, 2021). • 37% of employers are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of ATS (TrustRadius, 2021). FASTrack streamlines recruitment using LLMs, helping recruiters and managers quickly pinpoint ideal candidates for specific roles, completely removing the need for manual filtering. Using self-improving AI agents to simulate an HR recruiter, this tool quickly searches extensive résumé databases, intelligently ranking and shortlisting the best candidates for each position. Here's how FASTrack works: 1) Recruiter enters a specific job description – can be detailed or a single sentence. 2) LLM identifies relevant entities and keywords according to the context. 3) AI agent starts searching for additional relevant information related to the extracted entities and keywords. 4) If the AI agent can't find more information in the LLM's knowledge base, especially about new technologies, it looks for details online. 5) AI agent refines search iteratively, gathering relevant information and adjusting search parameters based on information availability. 6) RAG approach is used to conduct multiple searches with all parameters across a vector database of résumés. 7) AI agent stops when sufficient information is gathered or after a set number of iterations. 8) Results are re-ranked against the original job description to improve accuracy. 9) Recruiter finds 10-30 ideal candidates from thousands of applicants in less than a minute. 10) Recruiter can schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates, individually or in groups, using integrated e-mail and calendar tools. This efficient, conversational experience cuts costs by over 90% and reduces recruitment time to days.

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