Created by team Sirius on August 21, 2023

GitScale" is a groundbreaking project that revolutionizes the field of product management. This innovative platform leverages the power of automation to generate dynamic Kanban boards, seamlessly integrating data from various sources such as CRMs, Crashalytics, Ticketing Software, Product Vision Calls, and Usage Analytics. By automating the creation of Kanbans, GitScale empowers teams to concentrate on the most critical aspect of their work – solving issues and driving product development forward. GitScale currently interfaces with HubSpot, Firebase Analytics, Zendesk, and DataDog to construct and maintain a responsive product roadmap, eradicating concerns about outdated tasks or missed scrum meetings. The project's challenges include the implementation of n-shot learning to craft semi-structured responses from OpenAI output and effectively deciphering domain knowledge encompassing company products, staff details, and customer profiles, all within a limited contextual space. Furthermore, GitScale addresses the intricate task of consolidating multiple client requirements for priority assignment while ensuring that they are appropriately segmented into individual tasks. With GitScale, product management becomes a streamlined and efficient process, ultimately enhancing productivity and outcomes.

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