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Created by team Shaman Technology on November 03, 2023

In a world inundated with textual information from diverse sources, ranging from research papers and articles to social media posts, the need for efficient, accurate, and automated text processing has never been more pronounced. AutoGen is a cutting-edge AI project developed to address this challenge by providing a comprehensive solution for industry classification, summarization, and readability assessment. Industry Classification: AutoGen's intelligent AI agents leverage state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques to accurately classify text documents into their corresponding industries. Whether it's news articles, financial reports, or social media content, our technology identifies the most relevant industry categories, saving time and resources. Text Summarization: The heterogeneity of text data demands flexibility in summarization. AutoGen goes beyond traditional summarization methods by generating two types of summaries for each document: one complex and one basic. This enables users to access both in-depth insights and quick overviews, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs. Readability Assessment: Assessing the readability of text is inherently subjective, and individual preferences and backgrounds play a significant role. AutoGen's advanced AI agents solve this challenge by providing readability scores tailored to the specific audience, enhancing the user's comprehension and engagement. Technology: AutoGen's core technology revolves around a network of specialized AI agents. These agents analyze input documents, identify the relevant industry, and select appropriate readability scoring formulas. Subsequently, another set of agents generates complex and basic summaries, striking the right balance between brevity and completeness. Finally, a final AutoGen agent assesses the readability of the generated summary using the pre-selected readability scoring formula.

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"Interesting idea. It will benefit the teachers or professors to validate the information before providing it to students. However, I'm curious about the business model. How do you make it revenue generated? You should explain it in the presentation along with what the project is and how it works. Grading formula as well. Well, the demo has been good. Nice work, make improvements."


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan