Created by team InfiniTales on July 31, 2023

What we do: We make AI generated interactive stories for kids and parents. Kids never have to hear the same story twice and parents don't have to scramble to find or invent new ones. Letting the parent decide on a theme and settings, can turn stories into a powerful tool not just to entertain, but to teach and reinforce certain behaviors. Who: Parents of young children aged 5-10 Global, english speaking Uniqueness: There are many AI generated stories app, but none support interactivity or is narrated. Between the ability for kids and parents to choose how the story develops and special APIs that allow us custom voices for each character, the story becomes truly alive and enthralling for the kids.

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"I truly like the idea, helps families create their world with children. On the other hand the presentation was too long. We state that the video should not be longer than 5 minutes "


Haneen Salih

Community Manager