Doctor Milo

Created by team Doctor Milo on July 24, 2023

My dad asked me why Siri doesn't respond to questions directly and said "Here are some of the results I found". He is confused by the UI and only uses the voice feature. My initial idea was to build a General AI Agent for him that answers his questions. But ChatGPT has many security measures in place that prevent it from generating straightforward answers if not prompted properly. E.g. "Should I take Tylenol for my headache?" Brings out a whole article that still leaves the person thinking about whether they should be taking Tylenol or not. So This is pretty much an app for him. The goal is to answer basic medical questions and summarize Doctors' notes. I'm only doing medical questions for this project to limit the scope of the project. Tl;dr: The goal is to make a Siri clone that gives you concise answers instead of giving you a list of search results and summarizes complex vocabulary into simple English

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