Callem - Forward your calls to your clones

Created by team trying twilio on July 28, 2023

Phone-call anxiety is not uncommon, and chances are that you don't want to pick up unknown phone calls too. At the same cost of regular phone calls (~$0.02/min), you can clone yourself and let it do the mundane task of picking up the calls. To be honest, having Call'em pick up awkward phone calls is undermining the true power of ElevenLabs. We (I, haha) are planning to expand the possibility of Call'em to be usable by everyone. Making a dinner reservation? Call'em. Expecting a call from your son's teacher? Call'em. Dealing a $100-million business? Well, you can still Call'em, but you can also manage the control flow, set up a customer relationship system, and direct the call to yourself as soon as you're available. Imagine customers losing their interest because you were busy in a call with another customer. Pfft, couldn't be me; I'd just Call'em.

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