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Created by team Tara on July 31, 2023

A platform to build interactive bots backed by content from your personal notes, personal experiences, books, pdf, txt files or videos, or content of your choice. The new bots you brew with Synth-Minds, will make the knowledge you share with them, their own persona. You can soon publish your bots to the world. Anyone can learn new things from your bot by talking with it. Use Cases: Educational Institutions: Teachers can create bots to assist students in understanding complex topics and enhance classroom learning. Research and Study Groups: Collaborate with peers to build comprehensive knowledge bots for research or study purposes. Professional Development: Empower employees to access on-demand training and information related to their fields. Personal Learning: Fuel your passion for learning by creating bots on subjects of interest to you. Join Synth-Minds today and revolutionize the way you acquire knowledge. Build interactive bots that share expertise and inspire learning across the globe. Let's make knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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