ReacTok - Bot in your voice for TIkTok Livestreams

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Created by team DublinByte on July 30, 2023

ReacTok is an innovative AI Prompt Speech platform revolutionizing engagement and monetization for TikTok Creators' live streams. It empowers Creators to interact with fans through a personalized bot, portrayed by their Alter Ego, responding with the Creator's voice. This interactive mechanism enhances fans' experiences, encouraging virtual gift-sending and fostering a strong fan community. Interaction Mechanism (MVP): ReacTok offers a straightforward interaction mechanism. During live streams, fans access a web app to chat with the bot, represented by the Creator's Alter Ego. The bot responds with the Creator's voice, powered by Eleven Labs' advanced Text to Speech technology. Features and Benefits: Personalized Engagement: ReacTok provides unique responses, fostering community and loyalty among fans. Monetization Boost: The bot encourages non-gifting fans to participate and send virtual gifts, enhancing monetization opportunities. Broadened Reach: Responding in various languages, ReacTok helps Creators attract new fans globally. Customizable Alter Ego: Creators can craft a unique personality that aligns with their brand voice and values. ReacTok empowers TikTok Creators to maximize engagement and connect with their fans authentically. Join ReacTok today to let your Alter Ego interact, entertain, and collect more virtual gifts during live streams, building a thriving TikTok community!

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"Incredible implementation of the technology. It's a solution aimed at one scope, but could revolutionize a great trend across so many social platforms. From the presentation to the demo application, it's really good. The code is well documented. I would love to see you go forward with voice replies for specific tiktok users. And the same idea could be applied to twitch streamers as well. Love the project."


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor

"You have done an amazing job of creating a customizable Alter Ego feature that allows Creators to express their own unique personality. ReacTok has a huge potential to increase engagement, monetization, and reach for TikTok Creators, as well as to build a strong and loyal fan community. Here are some tips to make your project even better: - Show us more essential details on how the project works and how the fans can chat with the bot during live streams. This will help us to see your interaction mechanism and your user interface design. - Give us some data or evidence to back up your claims of how ReacTok can boost virtual gift-sending and attract new fans globally. This will help us to see the impact and value of your project. - Explore other ways to integrate ReacTok with TikTok, such as using the TikTok API or SDK, or creating a native app for TikTok users. This will help us to improve the accessibility and usability of your project. You have done a splendid work on ReacTok and I'm very impressed by your creativity and innovation. I hope to see more of your projects in the future. Cheers! 🥂"


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur