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Created by team EngineeringFriends on January 20, 2024

In online sales it can be extremely time-consuming and challenging to write good descriptions for a wide range of products. Often, these descriptions lack consistency and appeal. That's where AI comes in – let it do the heavy lifting for you. Snap, List, Sell is an AI tool, that lets you effortlessly transform images of products for sale into compelling textual descriptions. Perfect for online sellers, marketers, and e-commerce platforms. It simplifies everything to a one-click upload of a product image. Under the hood it uses OpenAI’s latest models, such as GPT-4-Turbo-Vision, GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 Turbo. With our AI tool, you can get better ad descriptions and enhanced searchability for your customers. Hence it can help you save your time, boost your sales and attract more customers.

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