Baatcheet AI

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Created by team Ciphers on July 29, 2023

- Baatcheet.AI uses Elevenlabs models for enhanced voice cloning and audio streaming mechanisms. - Baatcheet.AI revolutionizes online meetings with personalized voice cloning, eliminating background noise and ensuring crystal-clear communication. - Baatcheet.AI leverages AI prompt-based 360-degree image backgrounds, creating a visually captivating environment for online meetings. - By replacing real-life backgrounds with AI-generated 360-degree images, Baatcheet.AI eliminates potential distractions, allowing participants to focus solely on the meeting content. - Baatcheet.AI employs advanced speech-to-text and text summarization technologies to generate concise and accurate meeting summaries. - This feature saves time by condensing lengthy discussions into key points, enabling participants to quickly review and recall essential information

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