MailStream AI - Automating Email Prioritization

Created by team Alpha Grow on February 22, 2024

MailStream AI (MSI) is an innovative solution designed to tackle one of the most time-consuming tasks faced by professionals today: email management. By integrating advanced AI technologies, MSI aims to revolutionize the way emails are processed, offering a seamless transition from a cluttered inbox to a streamlined, task-oriented dashboard. At its core, MailStream AI employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze the contents of incoming emails. This analysis is not limited to simple keyword searches but delves deeper into understanding the context, urgency, and relevance of each message. By doing so, MSI can accurately distinguish between emails that require immediate action and those that can be deferred, ensuring that users focus on what truly matters. One of the standout features of MailStream AI is its ability to extract actionable tasks from emails and prioritize them within a Notion dashboard. This dashboard is not just a list but a carefully designed interface that organizes tasks based on their urgency, complexity, and the estimated time required for completion. Users can see at a glance what needs their attention, plan their workflow accordingly, and even delegate tasks to team members, all from a single, user-friendly platform. The underlying philosophy of MailStream AI is to leverage the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) to transform email management from a burdensome chore into a strategic asset. By automating the process of sorting, prioritizing, and scheduling emails, MSI frees up professionals to focus on their core tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing stress.

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"I like the idea and implementation, I think it can be a really handy tool to have in emails. The demo of the integration looks solid, but the presentation is just way too long"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor

"The video presentation is way too long, please keep in the mentioned time frame. Plus the idea itself is fantastic. Good work "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer