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Created by team YGIT on July 04, 2024

YGIT-AI is a groundbreaking platform designed to democratize access to tech careers through the power of artificial intelligence. Leveraging OpenAI's model, YGIT-AI generates personalized career roadmaps tailored to each user's interests and experience level. Our platform addresses the complexity and inaccessibility of navigating tech careers, especially for underrepresented groups, by providing clear, actionable guidance and resources. Users begin by inputting their career interests and current skill levels. YGIT-AI then creates a detailed learning path, recommending relevant courses, books, project ideas, and community resources. The platform's AI-driven recommendations help users manage information overload, focusing on the most valuable and impactful resources. Key features include interactive dashboards for tracking progress, AI-powered suggestions for continuous learning, and integration with web scraping tools like BeautifulSoup4 and PDF extraction via PyMuPDF to keep our resource database current and comprehensive. The user-friendly interface, built with Streamlit, ensures an engaging and accessible experience. By connecting users with mentors and professional communities, YGIT-AI not only provides educational resources but also fosters networking and support, crucial for career advancement. Our goal is to empower aspiring tech professionals with the knowledge and connections they need to succeed, transforming the landscape of tech education and career development.

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