Intelligent Virtual Agent

Created by team IVA on July 10, 2023

It is a self-learning and deeply integrated virtual intelligent agent that helps the business to deal with customer queries. Not only does it handle simple requests, but also takes care of more sophisticated questions. IVA (as we call her) has the same emotional and intelligent attachment to handling conversations and helping the clients as a real human would. IVA can be anyone and handle anything you want her to train for. The customer support segment is the one that requires the most empathic and understanding responses, because we deal with real people. In essence IVA can easily handle more mundane and simple assignments that relate to task optimisation as well. If it is matching documents and ensuring they are properly filled out, if it is interacting between different departments within the company and providing input at key points, if it is complex reminder schedules or even arranging calls. All of this can be easily done by IVA. The beauty of our agent is in its flexibility as IVA can be integrated in any system the client already has. There is no need to onboard and install new agents, software or plug ins. It can be customised to any businesses likening.

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"I enjoy the idea. Seems presentation on the technical side is lacking. A flowchart to explain how API's are communicating would be helpful."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student