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Created by team SWIFT on March 07, 2024

The persistent occurrence of oil spills in marine environments poses a significant threat to underwater ecosystems, necessitating a proactive approach for detection and mitigation. Traditional monitoring and response methods are often inefficient and lack precision, leading to prolonged environmental damage and loss of marine biodiversity. To address this pressing issue, there is a need for a sophisticated solution that integrates cutting-edge technology to enable early detection and rapid response to oil spills at sea. Leveraging CubeSat technology equipped with AI algorithms for real-time detection and blockchain technology for secure data transmission aims to establish a comprehensive system capable of effectively identifying oil spills as they occur, facilitating prompt intervention, and minimizing the ecological impact on marine life and resources. The proposed solution aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water. By employing advanced technologies like CubeSat with AI algorithms and blockchain, the solution aims to achieve targets such as reducing marine pollution (Target 14.1), protecting marine ecosystems (Target 14.2), and addressing ocean acidification (Target 14.3). This approach responds to the urgent need to preserve marine life and biodiversity, driven by the devastating impact of oil spills on underwater environments.

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