Tropic AI

Created by team Sustainable Initiatives on May 27, 2023

Our project tackles the urgent challenge of climate change and emphasizes the need for collective efforts. With busy schedules, it can be challenging for individuals, especially students, to find time to research the environmental impact of their actions. Misconceptions and limited knowledge can lead to unintended harm, such as incorrect recycling practices that can be worse than not recycling at all. To address this, we have developed a personalized sustainability tool. This innovative app offers fast and user-friendly assistance to help users make informed choices. It provides valuable insights into the environmental impact, feasibility, and effectiveness of various practices. Additionally, the app suggests improvements and provides additional information to guide users towards more sustainable behaviors. For example, when considering the disposal of styrofoam boxes, the app evaluates the trade-off between washing them for reuse and throwing them away, taking into account factors like water consumption and waste generation. By considering these variables, users can make more informed decisions aligned with their sustainability goals. The app goes beyond generic advice by explaining the reasoning behind recommendations, fostering understanding, and allowing users to ask questions to enhance their knowledge. It takes into consideration specific factors such as location, age group, and workload to offer tailored advice. This context-specific approach ensures that the recommendations are relevant and applicable to the users' unique circumstances.

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