Created by team PromptSpace on July 30, 2023

Generate podcast episodes on any topic with Podcaster. UX: 1. Enter the name and topic of the podcast as well as the topic of the episode. Podcaster generates a draft of the script. 2. Edit the script. 3. Select intro and outro music. 4. Select the narrator's voice. Podcaster generates the audio with ElevenLabs, an image based on the topic with Dall-e and combines them into a video. 5. Listen to and download the video. Story: Wondercraft's story of building an MVP in 3 days inspired us to build a podcast generator in PSL. We like to use PSL for hackathons because it lets us focus on the UX instead of writing boilerplate. PromptSpace takes care of UI, backend, API keys, integrations and hosting. It's like Streamlit, Vercel and Langchain combined. Any user is welcome to use Podcaster on PromptSpace. Any creator is welcome to use the PSL for Podcaster to build their own app.

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