Created by team Sankalpa on July 31, 2023

Personalize your Yoga Nidra meditation scripts using your favorite Eleven Labs voice and whatever intention, or "sankalpa" you desire. Phrase your sankalpa as a present tense personal statement such as, "I am radiating love and peace", or "I am releasing that which does not serve me". The AI will create a short script to help you calm you nervous system by guiding you through breathing exercises, visualizations, and a detailed body scan with AI generated background music. Other options for inclusion in the script (such as chakra point activations) are planned to allow for greater personalization of each script. Practice daily to compound the benefits! Note that due to the latency of the AIs used, the script may take a couple minutes to start. I plan to add code and assets to create a beginning buffer/opening script.

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"A cool take on meditative apps, keep growing it!"


Alek Jankowski

Operations and Partner Manager