Created by team AIron Golem on July 31, 2023

Times when you had to do multiple takes while recording your presentation are over! With Vocaly, you can enhance audio and speech quality, use your best voice in all your presentations, get rid of all recorded stuttering and similar defects, and even edit already recorded presentation simply by editing the text! Because of those features, Vocaly provides a solution to those with speech impediments or Tourette syndrome. Our solution will also come in handy for any person who isn't a professional presenter, especially when they present in their non-native language and struggle with pronunciation. Vocaly let's you do all that and even more. To fuel even higher inclusion we also enable our users to add automatic subtitle to their videos and even translate the whole speech in a recorded presentation. You can present in your own language and then translate that to another language like English. Then you can correct all mistakes made by the AI translator to really polish your presentation. Vocaly uses elevenlabs for voice generating and voice cloning, pvleopard library for speech-to-text and openai's GPT-3.5 for imputing punctuation. All of that is presented to a user by using a clean and elegant frontend in React. All in all, we are really proud of how this application turned out. It works well enough, even as a prototype, that we have actually used it for editing our presentation on lablab.

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"Really interesting speech enhancing capabilities. I enjoy how accessible and seamless the application is for users."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student