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Skeen is an innovative app that helps users address skin conditions by identifying their root causes. Using a TensorFlow convolutional neural network trained on data from DermNet NZ, Skeen can detect 23 different skin conditions from user-uploaded pictures with good accuracy. The app then analyzes the user’s lifestyle and habits, using data collected from health applications and devices via Terra’s API, to pinpoint potential causes such as nutrition and dietary issues, sleep problems, and stress. Based on this analysis, Skeen provides suggestions for remedying the problem. As part of the latest updates, Skeen's AI Assistant chatbot for skincare has been significantly enhanced. It now functions as a voice assistant, leveraging the ElevenLabs API to generate spoken answers to user queries, creating a more interactive and engaging user experience. Users can now record their voice to communicate with the AI Assistant, and the recorded voice is transcribed using the OpenAI Whisper model, enabling the assistant to process user input effectively in both text and voice formats. With this new voice assistant functionality, Skeen offers a seamless and natural way for users to interact with the app and receive personalized skincare advice. Whether through text-based interactions or spoken responses, the AI Assistant is ready to assist users in their skincare journey, providing comprehensive and tailored guidance.

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