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Created by team Opportunitiez on June 21, 2023

Opportunitiez: Transforming User Research on Monday.com. Developed for product managers and entrepreneurs, Opportunitiez is a Monday.com tool that simplifies the analysis of user feedback. With it, you no longer need to spend precious hours analyzing user conversations. Instead, tell Opportunitiez your business objectives and let it dive into your user data, whether that's interview transcripts, support tickets, or emails. Our tool utilizes advanced frameworks trusted by leading product managers in top companies, identifying user challenges and discovering hidden opportunities to propel your business growth. By streamlining a process that typically takes weeks into just a few minutes, Opportunitiez offers significant time savings and increased efficiency. Try Opportunitiez today. With just a few clicks on your Monday.com platform, you can deepen your connection with users, discover new channels for business growth, and enhance overall productivity.

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