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Improved Learning: SchoolCrusher empowers students with easy access to educational materials and interactive tools, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects. Quizzes and Assessments: Students can access a variety of quizzes and assessments tailored to their grade level and subject. These quizzes not only help in assessing your knowledge but also provide immediate feedback and explanations for incorrect answers. Homework Solvers: Stuck on a tricky math problem or a challenging physics equation? SchoolCrusher's homework solver can assist you step-by-step, guiding you to the correct solution and explaining the process along the way. Essay Writers: Writing essays can be a daunting task, but SchoolCrusher's essay writer feature makes it easier. Students can input their essay prompts, and the chatbot generates well-structured essays, complete with citations and references, saving valuable time and reducing writer's block. Subject-Specific Support: SchoolCrusher specializes in a wide range of subjects, from mathematics and science to literature and history. It offers subject-specific insights, study tips, and additional resources to enhance your understanding. Study Plans: The chatbot can help students create customized study plans based on their goals and schedules. It takes into account upcoming exams and assignments to ensure efficient time management. Language Support: SchoolCrusher is multilingual, providing support in various languages to cater to a diverse user base. Personalized Learning: With customized study plans and subject-specific support, SchoolCrusher tailors its assistance to individual needs. Teacher Efficiency: Teachers can streamline their lesson planning and assessment processes, allowing them to focus more on teaching. Accessibility: The chatbot's 24/7 availability ensures that learning and teaching resources are always within reach.

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SonicVision: The Pinnacle of Interactive Storytelling and Sensory Immersion In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming and interactive experiences, SonicVision stands as a groundbreaking innovation. Developed to be showcased at the AudioCraft Hack-a-Thon 2023, this transformative platform promises to redefine the way users engage with digital worlds. A Harmonious Blend of Art and Sound At the core of SonicVision is a revolutionary amalgamation of generative music and dynamic art, all woven into compelling stories that users can not only experience but also shape. Imagine entering a fantastical world where every decision you make not only progresses the story but also influences the art and music that envelops you. With SonicVision, this is not just a possibility; it's the standard experience. The Sonic Wonders of AudioCraft A crucial component that drives the platform is AudioCraft—an AI-driven music generation system that goes beyond mere background scores. Developed in-house, AudioCraft uses state-of-the-art AI models to generate music across all genres and styles. Whether you're venturing into an enchanted forest or a post-apocalyptic city, AudioCraft crafts the perfect auditory atmosphere, complete with sound effects that impeccably align with every situation. OpenAI: The Dungeon Master of Your Dreams SonicVision's immersive storytelling experience is powered by OpenAI's Chat-GPT, which serves as the Dungeon Master of your interactive journey. This is not just a chatbot; it's a narrative genius. It utilizes a tailored prompt layer that does more than merely guide the story. Chat-GPT dynamically commands the visual and musical elements of the game, adding layers of depth and interactivity previously unexplored in digital storytelling.

Sonic Meow
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PropLlama ai is a real estate platform designed to transform the daunting and intricate task of navigating the property landscape into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our platform features an intelligent chatbot that understands, remembers, and responds to your queries like a trusted friend, making it feel like you are having a meaningful conversation with a property confidant rather than just another chatbot. Additionally, our platform offers 24/7 chat support with a team of seasoned experts, personalized property searches, insightful decision-making support, comprehensive assistance throughout the property acquisition process, and meticulous legal compliance support. This includes everything from document verification to crafting customized lease agreements. With, you get convenience, speed, and accuracy at your fingertips, making it your ultimate real estate companion and doubt resolver. Say goodbye to data overload, questionable broker integrity, and the stress of legalities. PropLlama is here to guide you through it all. The core of is powered by the Llama-13b-alternative chat model(tested with Llama-70b too) and Clarifai. It enables the chatbot to understand the context of a conversation, remember previous interactions, and generate human-like responses. It can also process text data, such as property descriptions, legal documents, and news articles, to extract relevant information and provide personalized recommendations to users. Langchain Agents and LLMs- Various tools which were built using Llama and Clarifai for variety of class of queries were intergrated using Langchain agents. LangChain is a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models (LLMs) In summary, leverages advanced technologies, such as the Llama-13b-alternative chat model, Clarifai platform, Llama-70b model for testing, and Langchain agents and LLMs,

LlamAI Agents
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Gitchat is an exciting new tool that enables developers to have natural conversations about their code. It aims to make understanding and navigating complex codebases effortless through the power of language models. The core innovation of Gitchat is integrating GitHub repositories with chatbots powered by large language models like LLMs. By linking code hosted on GitHub to conversational interfaces, Gitchat allows developers to simply ask questions and get intelligent answers about their projects. Gitchat works by ingesting and vectorizing code from a connected GitHub account. This allows advanced language models to build contextual understanding of the codebase. Developers can then chat with the language model by asking questions in plain English such as "what is the purpose of this class" or "how is this module interconnected with the rest of the code". The language model leverages the vectorized code, context from docs/commits, and its own reasoning capabilities to provide helpful answers. It can explain code, provide design rationale, suggest improvements, summarize implementations, and more. The conversational nature makes it easy to interact and dig deeper. Gitchat aims to solve many pain points in software development like onboarding, tribal knowledge, finding dependencies, and navigating legacy code. By creating a code companion that developers can have a dialogue with, Gitchat hopes to make developer workflows more intuitive and productive

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Introducing Brainzy, an innovative online platform designed to enhance content comprehension and interaction. This website offers a two-fold solution to optimize information consumption. Firstly, Brainzy employs advanced algorithms to analyze webpages through their URLs, generating dynamic mind maps that visually represent the interconnected concepts within the content. This visualization aids users in grasping the structural essence of the material efficiently. Secondly, Brainzy provides succinct and coherent content summaries derived from the same webpage URLs. These summaries condense the key points and ideas, enabling users to swiftly grasp the essence of the content without delving into lengthy texts. This feature proves invaluable for time-sensitive scenarios or when dealing with copious amounts of information. Additionally, Brainzy integrates an interactive chatbot, leveraging the power of Clarifai's LLama2 AI. This chatbot not only assists users in navigating the mind maps and summaries but also responds to specific queries regarding the generated content. Users can engage in meaningful conversations, seek clarifications, and deepen their understanding through real-time interaction with the AI-powered chatbot. In essence, Brainzy redefines online information consumption by amalgamating the cognitive benefits of mind maps, the brevity of content summaries, and the interactivity of AI-driven chatbots. This synergistic approach transforms learning and comprehension into a seamless and engaging experience, catering to learners, researchers, and anyone grappling with online content.

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Code Helper - StableCode

**Code Helper Application - StableCode** The **Code Helper** application, powered by **StableCode**, offers a comprehensive solution for developers seeking assistance with their coding tasks. It combines the capabilities of an advanced chatbot and a code completion engine to provide accurate and efficient responses to user inquiries. The application employs a **Flask** backend and a **Streamlit** frontend, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. **Functionality:** Users of the Code Helper application can submit instructions or code completion queries through a user-friendly interface. These queries cover a wide range of programming-related questions, from seeking explanations about specific coding concepts to requesting code suggestions for a particular task. **Components:** 1. **StableCode AI Engine (stablecode-completion-alpha-3b-4k):** The heart of the application, this AI engine is responsible for processing and understanding user queries. It has been fine-tuned to cater specifically to coding-related questions, ensuring accurate and relevant responses. 2. **Flask Backend:** The backend of the application is built using Flask, a versatile and lightweight web framework. It handles incoming user requests, communicates with the StableCode AI Engine, and returns the generated responses to the frontend. 3. **Streamlit Frontend:** The frontend of the application is developed using Streamlit, a popular Python library for building interactive web applications. Streamlit's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to input their queries and receive prompt answers from the chatbot.

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Skyward ai

Innovating customer support, this project harnesses advanced chatbot technology to offer hyper-personalized assistance. The journey starts with a chatbot conversation, using top-tier natural language processing to discern user needs and preferences. With this knowledge, the chatbot crafts a tailored support system unique to each user, elevating their experience. A standout feature allows users to create their own knowledge base. They can input documentation or upload website URLs, integrating a bespoke database that the chatbot taps into. This not only heightens the customization but ensures responses are aligned with the user's distinct context. Beyond text, the chatbot can analyze multimedia, like images or videos, from the user’s resources, offering all-encompassing support. The chatbot's machine learning prowess ensures it learns with every interaction. As users evolve, so does the chatbot, maintaining its effectiveness. This self-evolving mechanism guarantees its relevance over time. By giving users the reins to database creation and documentation provision, this initiative democratizes chatbot customization. Users dictate the chatbot's knowledge base, guaranteeing support that resonates with their unique needs. Such personalization is unparalleled in customer support, placing this project at the forefront. But there's more. Post-interaction, the system updates the CRM with data on user interactions and preferences. This repository is gold for businesses, offering insights into customer behavior, helping refine marketing, enhance products, and boost sales.

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EvoMate stands at the forefront of marketing innovation, specifically tailored for the unique challenges and aspirations of SMEs. At its core, EvoMate is not just a tool but an autonomous marketing agent, designed to think, adapt, and evolve, much like a dedicated team member who's always on the pulse of the latest trends and consumer behaviors. One of the standout features of EvoMate is its dynamic lifecycle. This lifecycle is a continuous loop of improvement and evolution. It begins with the creation of targeted campaigns, pinpointing the exact audience segments for maximum impact. From there, EvoMate delves into autonomous content creation, crafting messages that resonate deeply with the intended audience. As customers interact with these campaigns, EvoMate's intuitive chatbot interface steps in, ensuring queries are addressed promptly and effectively. But the cycle doesn't end there. Every interaction, every click, every feedback is fed into EvoMate's deep data dive system. This ensures that with each marketing move, the system learns, adapts, and refines its strategies. The true essence of EvoMate lies in its ability to evolve. In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, static strategies are a thing of the past. EvoMate recognizes this and continuously updates its knowledge base, ensuring that SMEs are always a step ahead of their competition. In essence, EvoMate is more than just a marketing solution. It's a partner, an agent that stands by businesses, guiding them through the intricate maze of digital marketing. With its self-evolving nature and agent-like characteristics, EvoMate promises not just growth but evolution for SMEs in the digital age.

Evolve AI
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Working App Link: The Academify project is a sophisticated web application designed to provide an interactive platform for academic research and learning. It consists of a front-end and a back-end component, seamlessly integrated to deliver a user-friendly experience. The front-end of Academify is built with React, utilizing modern JavaScript practices to create an intuitive user interface. It allows users to search for academic articles, tags, and other content. The back-end of the project is developed using FastAPI. The back-end also interacts with a vector databases to store and retrieve information, employing efficient algorithms and well-structured data models to ensure optimal performance. One of the key features of Academify is its integration with a conversational chatbot. This AI-powered agent is capable of answering queries related to academic content, providing an engaging way for users to explore and understand complex topics. The project also employs technologies such as Docker and Nginx for containerization and reverse proxying. These technologies ensure that the application can be easily deployed, scaled, and maintained in various environments. The use of CORS middleware ensures secure cross-origin communication, and the project's architecture is designed to be both robust and flexible. The Academify project represents a comprehensive solution for academic exploration and collaboration, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create a platform that is not only functional but also innovative and engaging. It embodies a vision of making academic resources more accessible and interactive, bridging the gap between researchers, students, and enthusiasts in the academic community. Whether used as a research tool, an educational platform, or a hub for academic collaboration, Academify stands as a testament to the potential of modern web development.


MindfulAI - AI Agents for Mental and Eye Health

Our idea is to use AI, ML and open source technologies to revolutionize the healthcare fields - specifically Mental Wellness and Eye Care using Autonomous AI Agents. These Autonomous AI Agents are using SuperAGI and deployed on AWS. We have given the choice to users on our landing page to use Eye Health or AI Therapist for their purposes. The Eye Health uses Eye Care AI Agent to track blinks of users and let them know how their eyes are and what is the blink status of their eyes using real time live webcam feed. This will help to notify users and recommend them best strategies for eye care and early stage detection and prevention from diseases like Dry Eyes Disorders. We have the AI Therapist that uses Mental Wellness AI Agent to track the moods of the user from a live webcam feed and the SuperAGI helps in replying to users based on the mood track what they should do in order to be in a good mood, this helps users to track real time their moods and get some suggestions from AI Therapist. People of all ages have the tendency to have long working hours and exposures to screens and devices. These causes issues for eyes and also mental health gets affected due to such behaviors, mental wellness and some basic guidance as initial steps for healthcare can be provided by the AI Therapist and that can help users to track their mental moods, in future we can also allow them to have chatbots and have conversations with AI Therapist and Eye Care Agent. Eye Care Agent can help in tracking blinks and how good their eye health is and can suggest if their blink count per minute is less than 12, it can suggest the users to have some time off, do exercises, take a break, engage in healthy activities and take care of themselves. Screen time and usage of users can also be tracked and it can help to suggest users what steps to be taken in terms of productivity, creative and efficient parental controls, gaining better leverage on data using insights from AI & ML

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DoulAI A maternal care app

DoulAI is revolutionizing the maternity care landscape through the power of advanced artificial intelligence. Born out of a genuine concern for the stark disparities observed in maternal mortality rates, especially among marginalized communities, DoulAI serves as an accessible, comprehensive, and empathetic digital companion for all expecting individuals. Key Features: Chat with Doula: Our platform boasts a 24/7 AI-driven chatbot, affectionately termed as the digital doula. This self-servicing tool offers real-time assistance, answering queries related to pregnancy, physical and mental health, or simply providing company. Upholding strict confidentiality standards, this chat feature offers a sanctuary of support and comfort. Task and Calendar Integration: Pregnancy comes with its unique set of challenges, reminders, and tasks. Our integrated calendar simplifies this journey, allowing users to track ovulation, menstrual cycles, and critical trimesters. Using AI precision, we tailor personalized support systems that blend seamlessly into daily routines. AI-Generated Blog: Information, when accurate and timely, can empower. Our AI-curated blog features articles verified by licensed Obstetrician-gynecologists. From self-care and mental health insights to navigating the maze of maternity fashion, our content is both informative and engaging. DoulAI is not just an app; it's a movement. By democratizing access to quality maternal resources, we aim to bridge the gap in maternal healthcare. Our affordable pricing, coupled with multilingual support (available in over 90 languages), ensures that DoulAI resonates with its mission of inclusivity. Collaborations, like our ongoing partnership with UA of Little Rock Children International, underline our commitment to reaching the underprivileged and making a genuine difference. Since the video file load is not working here is the url to download (valid for 12 hours from now )

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Voxa AI

Introducing Voxa, the next-generation voice chatbot engineered to revolutionize customer service standards across the SaaS landscape. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, our platform transcends the limitations of traditional customer support paradigms to offer a seamless, high-quality, and exceptionally consistent user experience. Our core mission is to dramatically reduce the staggering expenses associated with traditional customer service methodologies, which have become increasingly unsustainable in today's fast-paced digital world. By choosing Voxa, SaaS companies can not only achieve significant cost savings but also effortlessly bypass common scaling roadblocks, all while maintaining unparalleled service quality. Our platform is designed to operate 24/7 and is fluent in multiple languages, thereby eradicating barriers to global accessibility. With our voicebot’s superior capacity to handle multiple inquiries concurrently, long waiting times are rendered obsolete. But what truly sets Voxa apart is its capability to go beyond simple query resolution. Our cutting-edge technology is finely tuned to engage customers in meaningful dialogues that not only resolve their concerns but also identify opportunities for product upselling, cross-selling, and retention. By converting mere conversations into tangible business growth, we provide an unmatched return on investment for our clients. Our versatile subscription model offers a range of tiered solutions, designed meticulously to cater to the unique requirements of businesses at every stage, from nimble startups to established enterprises. Looking ahead, our ambitious roadmap is filled with exciting milestones including further AI advancements, broader language support, customizable integration options, and operational scaling to meet escalating customer demands.



Resuminate is an innovative project designed to facilitate the job search and application process. The tool operates as a Chrome extension that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to extract job IDs from LinkedIn. It subsequently redirects these IDs to a React application that employs LangChain and GPT-4 artificial intelligence models to comprehend and interpret the skill requirements embedded within the job description. This detailed analysis is then made available to the users, helping them to understand better the essential skills demanded by the potential employers. Beyond the skill analysis, Resuminate offers a unique feature that enables candidates to identify the skills they might be missing for a particular job. By allowing users to upload their resumes, the system, through its powerful AI models, compares the skills mentioned in their resumes to those specified in the job description. In doing so, it highlights the skill gaps that might need filling. This not only optimizes the job application process but also supports the personal growth of the candidates by providing targeted areas for improvement. Another key feature of Resuminate is the use of LangChain and GPT-4 based chatbot for mock interviews. Once the candidate uploads their resume, the AI-based chatbot conducts an interview simulation, asking questions relevant to the job and assessing the candidate's preparedness based on their responses. This tool aids candidates in preparing for real interviews and builds confidence by offering a safe environment for practice. In summary, Resuminate combines cutting-edge AI technology with user-friendly interfaces to provide a comprehensive tool that streamlines the job application process. By identifying essential skills, revealing skill gaps, and offering mock interviews, it helps candidates to refine their resumes, better understand job requirements, and confidently prepare for interviews, enhancing their overall job search experience.



My idea is to create an innovative and comprehensive language-based web application called "Bot Langua" that combines the power of an intelligent chatbot with seamless language integration. The app will revolutionize how users interact with chatbots by offering multilingual responses that include both text and voice output. The main feature of Bot Langua is its interactive chatbot, powered by advanced NLP algorithms. The chatbot can engage in dynamic conversations, providing contextually relevant responses to user queries, requests, and casual interactions. What sets Bot Langua apart is its language selection capability. Users can choose their preferred language for the chatbot's responses from a diverse array of supported languages. Whether it's English, French, Spanish, or any other language, the chatbot will deliver responses in the user's selected language. To enhance the user experience further, Bot Langua integrates Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality. This means users won't just receive written responses but also voice-based output in the chosen language. TTS enhances accessibility, enabling visually impaired users to listen to the chatbot's responses while providing a more immersive experience for all users. The app caters to language learners as well, as users can practice their language skills by engaging in conversations with the chatbot in their target language. The voice-based responses aid in pronunciation and fluency development, making it an excellent language learning tool. Bot Langua aims to foster global connectivity, breaking down language barriers, and promoting cultural exchange. With support for multiple languages, users from different linguistic backgrounds can communicate effortlessly, opening up opportunities for cross-cultural interactions. To personalize the experience, users can set their preferred default language, adjust chat settings, and even save past conversations for seamless future interactions.

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Our groundbreaking project aims to bridge the mental health gap in low-access regions and underdiagnosed populations of developing countries. With limited access to traditional healthcare services, many individuals struggle silently with mental health challenges, often going undiagnosed and untreated. Our mission is to provide a lifeline of support and guidance through our innovative psychiatric chatbot. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, our chatbot serves as a virtual mental health companion, offering a safe and confidential space for individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. It engages in empathetic conversations, actively listening and providing evidence-based guidance, empowering users to understand their mental health better. Tailored to the specific cultural and linguistic nuances of the target regions, our chatbot provides personalized assistance, making mental health resources accessible and understandable to those who need them most. Through a user-friendly interface, individuals can access self-help tools, coping strategies, and educational content to enhance their mental well-being. Our project operates on the principle of inclusivity, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life, regardless of socio-economic status or geographical limitations, have access to crucial mental health support. By leveraging digital technology, we aim to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and promote early detection and intervention for mental health issues. Together, let us empower individuals in low-access regions, providing them with the support and resources they need to lead mentally healthy lives. Join us on our journey to make mental well-being a universal right, reaching the underserved populations and bringing hope and healing to those who need it the most.

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StockSage AI - A Smart Finance ChatBot

The world of investing is complex and overwhelming, especially for those without a finance background. In particular, the prevalence of inaccurate and obsolete data often lead investors to uninformed decisions. While some existing financial AI agents attempt to mitigate this problem, they heavily rely on internet scraping, a method that is not only costly but also prone to inaccuracies and hallucinations "StockSage AI," our smart chatbot, simplifies financial market navigation by providing personalized, real-time advice and data visualizations. Leveraging Google Vertex AI and MongoDB, StockSage offers a cost-effective, accurate alternative to traditional AI tools. The core features of StockSage AI include: 1. Chat Interface: Users can ask personalized queries 2. Data Visualizations: Displays market trends and prices with colorful and intuitive graphics 3. Real-time Analysis: Bot evaluates reliable news data, updated multiple times daily 4. Efficient AI Search: Leverages databases over web scraping for acquiring information, optimizing cost and accuracy The first step in building our solution was to collect and analyze data from reliable sources. We embedded news and price information, then used Google Vertex AI's Text Generation and Text Embedding Services to analyze trends. Next, we used MongoDB as our database to store and retrieve this data. MongoDB's Vector Search feature allowed for efficient data retrieval, preventing AI hallucinations and providing a friendlier interaction model for AI agents. Finally, we used Google Vertex AI's Text Generation Service to handle client requests. When users interact with the chatbot, their request is dispatched to Vertex AI. Vertex AI retrieves the data from our MongoDB database before formulating a response to the user. In a world inundated with information, we hope our project can be a beacon of clarity and reliability to provide users with personalized insights, as they make more informed financial decisions.

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Pdf 2 Bot

Introducing Pdf2Bot, an innovative web application designed to revolutionize the way we interact with documents. With Pdf2Bot, users can effortlessly create a dynamic chatbot that seamlessly extracts information from uploaded PDF files and provides accurate answers to a wide range of queries. What sets Pdf2Bot apart is its unique ability to generate response At the core of Pdf2Bot lies the powerful text bison model from VertexAI, a cutting-edge language processing technology. This sophisticated model is specifically trained to understand and analyze textual content, enabling Pdf2Bot to comprehend the uploaded PDF documents with remarkable accuracy. Whether it's a research paper, a technical manual, or a legal document, Pdf2Bot's text bison model can handle diverse types of content, making it a versatile tool for various industries and purposes. Using Pdf2Bot is a breeze. Users simply upload their desired PDF file through the user-friendly web interface. The intelligent backend of Pdf2Bot swiftly processes the document, extracting and organizing the relevant information into a structured format. Once this initial step is complete, the magic begins. Pdf2Bot's chatbot functionality comes into play, as it leverages the processed content to provide intelligent responses to user queries. The chatbot is designed to understand natural language and can handle questions of varying complexity. Whether it's a specific fact, a concept explanation, or a request for further details, Pdf2Bot's chatbot can handle it all of them

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ChatBot for Autism Kids

Communication is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, but for children with autism, it can often be a challenge. ChatBot for Autism Kids is designed to enhance communication abilities in children with autism. The ChatBot offers three distinct modes tailored to address the diverse needs of children at different developmental stages. The first mode, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), provides visual aids such as symbols, pictures, or icons to facilitate understanding and expression. This mode enables children to effectively convey their needs, wants, and thoughts visually, fostering independence and reducing frustration. The second mode is text communication, which allows children who are more comfortable with written language to engage in meaningful conversations. The ChatBot offers a user-friendly interface where children can type out their messages and receive responses, enabling them to express themselves through the written word. The third mode is speech communication, a groundbreaking feature that utilizes advanced speech recognition technology. Through this mode, children can use their own voice to communicate, with the ChatBot understanding and responding accordingly. This not only promotes speech development but also provides a sense of empowerment and self-confidence to children who may struggle with verbal communication. One of the key advantages of our ChatBot is its simplicity and ease of use. It can be easily programmed by speech and occupational therapists, as well as other key stakeholders involved in the child's development. This means that no specialized computer skills are required, ensuring that caregivers and educators can easily customize the ChatBot to meet the specific needs of each child.

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X-Caliber Team - AI CHAT Bot application

"X-Caliber Team - AI CHAT Bot application"  is the application to build and enhance the capabilities of search,  personalized learning, automates customer service and generates marketing content in businesses, and enhances interactive storytelling. ChatGPT is a sibling model of Instruct GPT from Open AI. It is trained to follow instructions promptly and offer detailed responses. It can interact in a conversational way, answer follow-up questions, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. This technology is a great revolution in chatbot technology. Here we used developer integration and AI assistant application features in And we used react and NodeJS to make application MyApp and create some functionalities existing for AI assistants. Here our application to make your work easy and easy search in the same platform. In this application we used CHAT GPT api to get response as we required. We can here search anything related to sales and CRM list, project management tools and everything in one place. USE CASE of "X-Caliber AI BOT " application   --- Limitation in customization.   --- Limited input.   --- Language limitations. CONCLUSION: In conclusion, "X-Caliber AI BOT" using Chat GPT API is a powerful tool that can help you create capabilities of search,  personalized learning, automates customer service and generates marketing content in businesses, and enhances interactive storytelling in minutes. It’s time-saving, accurate, and easy to use.

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Smart Customer Support Chatbot

Hey there! We are the Digital Support Gurus, a team of tech enthusiasts participating in the thrilling LabLab's Anthropic AI Hackathon. As the Team Lead, I am incredibly proud to introduce our groundbreaking creation—a powerful Ecommerce Customer Support Chatbot that will revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers. Our journey began with a deep dive into the world of language models, where we discovered the incredible potential of LangChain, a Python framework tailored for developing applications powered by language models. Harnessing the capabilities of two exceptional models, we embarked on a mission to create an unparalleled customer support experience. At the heart of our chatbot lies the OpenAI model, a dynamic entity that diligently tracks chat history and skillfully poses follow-up questions. This ensures that every conversation is seamless and contextually relevant, building a strong foundation for an exceptional customer experience. But our true hero is Anthropic's Claude Model, armed with an impressive 100k context window. It serves as the ultimate shopping assistant, providing unrivaled accuracy and delivering the best possible results. We, the Digital Support Gurus, are here to revolutionize the way you engage with Ecommerce—one conversation at a time. Prepare to be amazed as we redefine the very essence of customer support. Get ready for an extraordinary journey where technology meets innovation and customer satisfaction reaches new heights. Welcome to the future of Ecommerce support!

Digital Support Gurus
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DocuGPT is an AI-powered conversational interface that can help users with their queries and provide them with relevant information. Essentially is is a chatbot for documentation, that can help users understand the features and functionalities of a product or service. It can provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to use the product or service, answer their questions, and clear any doubts they may have. It can be especially useful for beginners who may not be familiar with the product or service and need more guidance. Key Features: 1- Interactive Chat Interface: DocuGPT welcomes you with a friendly chat interface that invites you to explore your tool's documentation effortlessly. No more struggling with complex search queries or sifting through lengthy documents. Simply type in your questions or concerns, and DocuGPT will provide accurate and relevant responses in real-time. 2- Beginner-Friendly Guidance: As a beginner, learning a new tool can be daunting. DocuGPT understands this and offers tailored guidance to help you get started. From explaining basic concepts to providing step-by-step tutorials and examples, DocuGPT ensures that you have a strong foundation, empowering you to make progress with confidence. DocuGPT revolutionizes the way users interact with documentation. It transforms the often-overwhelming experience into an engaging and interactive conversation, making knowledge accessible to everyone. With DocuGPT by your side, you'll discover newfound confidence in your abilities, accelerate your learning process, and unlock the full potential of your chosen tool. Experience the power of DocuGPT today and embark on a documentation journey like never before!

Antematter Labs
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ChatBot II

It supports using plugins to call external resources (such as internet search and knowledge base retrieval) and modifying the results returned (generating images and code, etc.) The powerful AI capabilities are used as the core CPU of the system for data analysis and task processing. Before sending messages to the AI, interception can be done to add additional information such as relevant knowledge base information (such as hwchase17/langchain), network search information, and even adjusting the request data to support multi-modal recognition. For example, image information can be parsed by other tools and analyzed by Claude after obtaining the corresponding information. After the AI responds to the question, the response result can also be processed again, such as using Stable Diffusion for image drawing or using Gmail's API for email sending. To enhance the flexibility of the implementation, Hooks are used to achieve corresponding capabilities. Before and after the user's information is handed over to Claude for processing, chat information is passed to plugins for processing. The pre-processor can modify the user's question to add context information or even directly modify the question. After that, the pre-processor submits the processed information to Claude in a specific format. Once Claude returns the information, the post-processor can analyze and process the response or call APIs from other platforms to process tasks. In this case, we need to adjust the Prompt in the pre-processor so that Claude returns Action-formatted data. { "type": "createMail", "payload": { "content": "xxx", "target": "", "platform": "google" } }

Ai Coder
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ThinkSync is an innovative SaaS product designed to revolutionize team collaboration through the power of generative AI. The platform integrates the capabilities of the Claude 100k context API, which is designed to enhance communication and collaboration within teams by offering AI-assisted dialogues and interactions. The problem ThinkSync is addressing is clear: current Large Language Model (LLM) chatbot solutions are tailored for 1:1 interactions, leaving a significant gap in the market for team-based applications. Teams need a way to include their LLM as an active participant, generating insights and facilitating collaboration. Furthermore, generative AI output needs to be conveniently exportable to maximize its utility in a work environment. ThinkSync's solution involves transforming a familiar team chat interface—similar to the likes of Teams or Slack—into a collaborative AI-powered workspace. Users can easily add their own API keys and initiate interactions with the AI assistant, Claude, using the "/claude" command. This brings the power of generative AI into the heart of team conversations, making it an active participant rather than a passive tool. Beyond simply chatting with Claude, ThinkSync offers the ability to invite team members into the workspace, fostering a collective interaction with the AI. This collaborative AI engagement is further enhanced by the addition of Stable Diffusion Image Generation, opening up new possibilities for creative brainstorming and problem-solving. ThinkSync aims to expand the possibilities of generative AI by exploring and integrating other generative AI APIs into a plugin "store". The platform will also offer useful commands for specific objectives such as summarizing chats and creating action items, thereby boosting team productivity. Moreover, it plans to integrate with team management and scheduling APIs, providing a seamless and holistic solution for team collaboration.



ETHOS - Evaluating Trustworthiness and Heuristic Objectives in Systems - is a groundbreaking project that addresses the critical issue of AI alignment. As AI continues to evolve and become increasingly sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly clear that alignment is one of the most significant challenges we face in developing this technology. Unaligned AI has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to society and humanity as a whole. ETHOS is an API that provides a solution to this problem. It is designed to evaluate the trustworthiness and heuristic objectives of AI systems, from language models to autonomous agents and chatbots. The API allows for the real-time adjustment of responses, ensuring that AI systems remain aligned with the goals of humanity. The need for AI alignment is becoming more urgent as AI systems become more prevalent in our daily lives. These systems are used in everything from social media algorithms to self-driving cars, and they have the potential to impact many different aspects of our lives. If these systems are not aligned with our values and goals, they could cause significant harm. One of the most significant threats posed by unaligned AI is the potential for these systems to become adversarial. Adversarial AI is a form of AI that is intentionally designed to cause harm. This could take the form of cyberattacks, data breaches, or even physical harm to individuals or infrastructure. Adversarial AI could also be used to manipulate public opinion, disrupt democratic processes, or sow discord and chaos. ETHOS provides a way to mitigate these risks by ensuring that AI systems are aligned with their intended purpose. By evaluating the trustworthiness of AI systems, ETHOS can detect when an AI system is deviating from its intended purpose and adjust its responses in real-time. This can prevent AI systems from becoming adversarial and ensure that they are working in the best interests of society.



CotChat is a community chatbot that determines its conversational behaviour through REACT method based on ChatGPT and LangChain. Unlike ordinary chatbots, CotChat uses the approach proposed by React. When receiving messages, it automatically infers the appropriate action through observation-interest evaluation-reflection-action. We have defined three types of behaviours: Direct reply: Reply directly to the current message, Relate reply: Related to memory vectors and Silent: Feel this message is irrelevant and feel uninterested. In this example, we collaborated with artist Nick to create a chatbot based on his character LuckyCot. This character is a cat named Modem Cot that mutated from a network mediator modem and has a network cable tail. It is interested in blockchain-related content. [图片] [图片] The thinking process (steps) of this bot can be summarized as follows: 1. Observe: Understand what is being discussed in the current conversation. 2. Evaluate: Rate the interest and relevance of the message on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not interested or related, and 10 is extremely interested and related. This is a reference value for agent's decision. 3. Reflect: Identify any associated emotions, relevant memories or users, and determine if the bot is interested or related (evaluation score greater than 7). 4. Action: Choose one of the predefined actions (Direct reply, Silent, or Relate reply) based on the observation, evaluation, and reflection. In summary, we have applied the Observe-reasoning-action approach proposed in React to community chatbots. Currently, this application is displayed through WeChat. We hope that in the future, Autonomous Agents can truly become members of human society.



Are you tired of feeling left out of the cryptocurrency world because of the confusing technology and jargon? Enter MintBuddy - the revolutionary blockchain chatbot that simplifies the process of minting your own NFTs without needing any prior knowledge of blockchain technology. With our AI-driven chatbot, you can easily send money, buy crypto, and mint NFTs with a simple text message. MintBuddy leverages cutting-edge technologies, including Voiceflow, Verbwire API, and OpenAI, to create a user-friendly and accessible platform that makes blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies available to everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge or experience. Our platform is so easy to use that even your grandma can start using it to take control of her finances. Our mission is to solve the problem statement of how complex the world of cryptocurrency can be. We believe that BitBuddy is the solution that will drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, empowering people to take control of their finances. By simplifying the process of interacting with these complex systems, we're making it possible for everyone to participate in the cryptocurrency market. With MintBuddy, you can buy and sell crypto directly through the chatbot, eliminating the need for you to navigate complex trading platforms. We're constantly improving the platform, adding more features like tutorials, gamification elements, and more information on cryptocurrencies and NFTs, making the experience even more engaging. Our goal is to make MintBuddy the go-to platform for anyone who wants to interact with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We believe that by continuing to improve the platform and making it even more user-friendly, we can help to demystify the complexities of blockchain technology and empower more people to take control of their finances.


Flow Genius

Flow Genius is an intuitive and user-friendly conversational bot creation platform designed to help businesses of all sizes build powerful chatbots without coding or technical knowledge. With Flow Genius, users can easily create custom chatbots that can handle customer queries, process transactions, and perform various other functions. The platform features a drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and a variety of integrations with popular messaging platforms and business tools. Flow Genius is designed to be simple and easy to use, even for users without technical knowledge or coding experience. The platform's drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates make creating custom chatbots that can handle a wide range of customer queries and tasks quick and easy. With Flow Genius, businesses can create chatbots that perform various functions, from handling customer queries and processing transactions to scheduling appointments, sending notifications, and more. This versatility makes the platform a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. Flow Genius integrates with popular messaging platforms and business tools, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Zapier. This makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers on their preferred platforms and automate their workflows across multiple tools. Flow Genius provides users with detailed analytics and reporting tools to help them track their bot's performance, optimize their conversational strategies, and improve their customer engagement over time. This data-driven approach can help businesses save time, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

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Dr Chat

Welcome to Dr.Chat - the AI-powered medical chatbot app that connects patients with doctors in a seamless and intuitive way. Our backend is built using FastAPI and leverages the state-of-the-art AI21 LLM model, trained on a massive dataset of actual conversations between doctors and patients. The Dr.Chat model is specifically designed for the medical domain and has been fine-tuned using real-world patient-physician conversations to provide accurate diagnoses and suggest appropriate treatment options The Dr.Chat backend is built using FastAPI and leverages the state-of-the-art AI21 LLM model, trained on a massive dataset of actual conversations between doctors and patients, consisting of over 50,000 conversations. This large dataset ensures that the AI model has been trained on a wide range of medical topics and conversational styles, allowing it to provide accurate and personalized medical advice to users. Dr.Chat not only provides users with accurate and personalized medical advice but also generates comprehensive medical reports summarizing the conversation with the chatbot. With features such as user authentication, login, and signup, Dr.Chat ensures that users' data is kept secure and private. Additionally, the app provides a user-friendly history of the conversation and summaries generated, helping users keep track of their medical history. Whether you're a healthcare professional or a patient, Dr.Chat is designed to revolutionize the way we interact with medical advice. Join us at the AI hackathon and see how our innovative app can help you make informed decisions about your health!

Dr Chat
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Fetcher the work sidekick

In today's increasingly remote working style, organization’s messaging system, whether it's email or chat, contains lots of invaluable institutional knowledge. However, because these data are often unstructured and scattered, they are usually buried in the organization’s data ecosystem and are hard to search and extract value. Fetcher is a chatbot that integrates into popular chat platforms such as Discord and Slack to seamlessly help users find relevant people and documents to save them from endless frustrating search. It does this by semantically searching chat messages to find the most relevant results and help to deliver actions that leads to a peace of mind. Fetcher differs from traditional keyword search engines in that it searches by the meaning of the query, not just by keywords. It also enables multi lingual search, so that global teams can more quickly find important information even when language is a barrier. Since Fetcher searches in the embedding space, this search engine can extend to multi modal modes that includes audio and images. Fetcher works by collecting a chat channel’s history and embedding them using Cohere’s Embed API, then saving the embeddings to Qdrant’s vector search engine. When a new query comes in, Fetcher embeds the query and searches against the vector database to find the most relevant results, which can then feed into Cohere’s Generate API to summarize the message thread to kick start new conversations. Fetcher offers 3 commands, /fetch, using vector similarities search to find relevant chat messages. /discuss, summarize a message thread, and kick start a conversation with a channel number. /revise, a sentence correction tool similar to Grammarly, allows user to send professional sounding messages.

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Sight beyond Sight

Our website enhances online content accessibility for the visually impaired with a cost-effective text-to-speech service using contemporary AI tools. Current market solutions lack necessary amenities and are costly. Working on the website: > once the website loads, the user inputs the URL of the website to be analyzed > this website is parsed using Beautiful Soup to gather the meaningful text content available on the page > this content is passed to the OpenAI text-davinci-003 model as a prompt and a summary is generated for the same > this summary is read out to the user using Azure in natural human tone > next, the website is again parsed using Beautiful Soup with the aim to download relevant images on that website > these images are then analyzed using Google Cloud Vision API and feature labels describing the prominent objects/contents of that image are generated > these labels are passed as a prompt to the OpenAI text-davinci-003 model and a meaningful sentence is generated which describes the images > the prompt already includes a set of sample labels and outputs that the model can use to understand the format of the desired output. > the image description generated in the above step is then read aloud using Azure. For Redis: Redis caches URL results for up to 3 hours, if URL exists in cache, output is displayed/read aloud. Otherwise, website is processed for new output. Results are removed after 3 hours for possible content changes. It allows for fast data access making it suitable for high performance use cases. For voice control: > using space bar, user can ask queries regarding summary through available chatbot > above query is converted to text via speech recognition library of python > this text and the summary are given to the OpenAI text-davinci-003 model as a prompt and the query is resolved > the result is spoken out and if speech unrecognized, an error message stating to retry is read aloud


Financial Advisor

Managing finances can be challenging in today's world due to various factors such as economic downturns, inflation,and conflicts. Rising prices, particularly for energy, make it difficult for people to spend their money reasonably. With so many products, suppliers, and options to consider, it can be overwhelming for those with little experience in spending. To tackle these issues, our team has come up with the "Financial Advisor," a chatbot that helps users spend their money more efficiently and effectively. Our solution is based on three main features: firstly, listing items to buy within a certain spending limit and marketplace, which is fine-tuned using GPT-3 to provide customized and optimized advice tailored to each user's requirements. Secondly, we help users plan their spending by allocating appropriate budgets for various needs such as food, entertainment, education, and commuting. Lastly, we remind users not to overspend on sale days to maintain their financial stability. Our business model involves collecting user data to help them access products that are right for them while earning revenue from advertising. We plan to integrate our solution into banking apps to support users in managing monthly expenses, setting up savings funds, and getting monthly bank fees. We are building a new advertising system that benefits users the most by considering their financial optimization criteria and analyzing their needs. We also provide monthly spending transaction statistics to help users know where they stand financially and offer advice on their spending. In summary, our Financial Advisor solution helps users make the most optimal and reasonable spending choices while staying within their budget. It saves time and effort in market research, enhances the user experience with a user-friendly interface, and provides a new advertising system that benefits users the most. Our solution revolutionizes the way people spend their money, improving their financial stability.

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Mars Mail

For non-native English speakers conducting business with foreign companies or entities, there are several pain points that can arise in the email communication process. One of the major pain points is the fear of using incorrect grammar or inappropriate language, which can cause confusion or even offend the recipient. Non-native English speakers often struggle with finding the right words and phrases to express themselves effectively in English, which can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications. Another pain point is the time-consuming process of generating unique content for the same clients and topics. Many non-native English speakers find themselves repeating the same information or ideas in different emails, which can be both tedious and unprofessional. Lastly, conveying ideas effectively can be a significant challenge, especially in bi-lingual situations where cultural and linguistic differences can create additional barriers. Finding the right balance between professionalism and appropriate tone can be difficult, and non-native English speakers may struggle to communicate their ideas in a way that is both clear and culturally sensitive. Mars Mail addresses these pain points by providing an AI-powered email assistant that helps non-native English speakers in East Asia quickly and efficiently produce high-quality, context-appropriate, and polite responses for their business emails. By using a fine-tuned GPT3.5 model, Mars Mail is specifically designed to handle bi-lingual business email situations with high accuracy, reducing the fear of incorrect grammar and language usage. The user-friendly chatbot interface also makes it easy for non-technical users to communicate their ideas effectively, saving time and improving the quality of email communication.

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Hyperbot is an AI-powered chatbot developed by ChatGPT, which has beenconnected to models such as DallE and embeddings to provide various services. Some of the services that Hyperbot can provide are: 1. Coding-related queries: Hyperbot can answer questions related to coding and programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and more. It can also provide solutions to common coding-related problems. 2. Generate art: Thanks to its integration with DallE, Hyperbot can generate art based on user requests. It can create various types of art and visualizations, including drawings, sketches, and more. 3. Real-time Current Affairs and News: It can fetch the latest news and updates from various sources, including national and international news, sports, entertainment, politics, and more. 4. Weather updates and forecasts: Hyperbot can provide real-time weather updates and forecasts for the user's location or any other location. 5. Create or compose tweets or LinkedIn posts/emails: Hyperbot can help the user create tweets, LinkedIn posts or emails with ease. It can even suggest content and ideas for the message. 6. Play your favorite song or YouTube video: If the user requests it, Hyperbot can play their favorite song, video or recommend any other content based on the user's preferences. In a nutshell, Hyperbot is a multi-functional chatbot capable of providing a wide range of services, making it a useful tool for various needs. soon it will have feature wherein you can upload any document and it answers to that as well

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I Rene

I-Rene Provides CBT for the lovely user using Cohere Conversant AI tool. The NFT is minted for free by the lovely user to track the CBT sessions and be proud of their healing process. It is a free, open-source, specific & effective mental health therapy needed by everyone, anywhere at anytime. The mental health AI chatbot will be developed as a standalone application that users can download and install on their mobile devices or access through a web-based platform. The chatbot will collect and use user feedback to improve its performance and effectiveness. This will involve monitoring user interactions and responses, and using machine learning algorithms to continuously adapt and improve the chatbot's responses and support. The mental health AI chatbot will use sentiment analysis to understand the emotional state of users and react accordingly. For example, if a user is feeling sad or anxious, the chatbot can provide appropriate support and resources to help the user manage their emotions and feelings. The mental health AI chatbot will use entity extraction to provide context-dependent answers and support, rather than just generic responses. This will involve analyzing the user's messages and extracting relevant entities and information, such as the user's goals, concerns, and challenges. The chatbot can then use this information to provide personalized and tailored support. The mental health AI chatbot will be integrated with a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and the Metaverse, which is a virtual shared space for communities and organizations. This will enable the chatbot to access and use decentralized resources and data to provide more accurate, relevant, and engaging support to users.

Mental Health AI
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AI Chatbot

Chatbots in the healthcare field are providing patient assistance and care. AI-powered medical assistant can book appointment, monitor a patient health status and perform other time-intensive responsibilities such as inventory, billing and claims management . There are three key limitations: 1)Explainability 2)Datarequirement 3)Transferability STATEMENT: To be able to enter a prescription with structured data in a software system, within a comparable time to hand written prescription. IDEA: 1) Automation of handwritten and digital prescriptions to reduce entry time. 2) Improve the effectiveness of customer service terms. 3) Reduce the potential for human error. 4)Collect candid and meaningful customer feedback. 5) Guide customers along the path to purchase. 6) Build stronger customer relationships Chatbots reside in the most commonly used apps in the form of assistants on various websites where they can converse with the users. With advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing methods enabled , these chatbots can create maps linking symptoms and diseases. Chatbots in the industry for medical care ,ask some standard questions and help create a profile based on age ,sex, and medical history . They can record the users history and analyze symptoms based on users inputs. They can also use image and voice processing to record and match symptoms against the database using the gathered information it automatically print handwritten and digital prescriptions. Natural language processing Deep learning Context aware processing Intelligent robots Neural networks Fuzzy logic Support vector machines Genetic algorithms Hybrid system