Content Creator Accelerator - Dad Jokes Use Case

Created by team Metagineers on July 01, 2024

Content Creator Accelerator cuts down repetitive tasks for content creators so they have more time doing the thinking rather than the doing part of content creation. A lot of content creation tasks involved repetitive tasks and a lot of waiting for items to finish rendering for images or speech to be generated. With the Content Creator Accelerator tool, not only can content creator increased their productivity 10 fold but also allows them to even expand the reach of their content, for instance to do extra number of videos per week or even in future translate to different versions automatically. Under the hood, It uses synapse copilot and implemented connectivity to 5 different SaaS provider Airtable, Elevenlabs, 0CodeKit, Resend and Dalle3. It has provision to swap different LLMs using Ollama such as Phi3 or Llama3. Currently it can run natively on Azure OpenAi or native OpenAI platform. Far from a completely finished product, it has lots of future potentials such as a React Flow builder interface and also the ability to Fire And Forget repetitive content creation. I will eat my own dog food and will be using for my own YouTube channels :) Let me know if I can help share some more tutorials on this.

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