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Created by team Techiee Hackers on January 20, 2024 transforms the landscape of video creation, providing an optimized, efficient and streamlined process, thereby it facilitates a more effective and seamless video creation experience. Content creators face challenges with tight deadlines, intricate tools, and diverse platform requirements, resulting in delayed delivery of high-quality visuals. Recognizing this, there is a clear and pressing need for a tool that efficiently converts text to video, offering a solution to streamline the creative process and meet the demands of today's content landscape. Users can effortlessly shape ideas: brief concept, specify purpose (YouTube or Shorts). Clarify GPT-4 meticulously crafts a script. Video creation unfolds through two dynamic methods: Clarify DALL·E for image based generation, curated online stock footage for video based generation. CapGen deep learning adds captions, enhancing storytelling. Clarify OpenAI-TTS elevates the experience with customizable voiceovers, allowing users to infuse a personal touch, even harmonizing with background music. This holistic and adaptive approach ensures an unparalleled, AI-enhanced video creation experience tailored to diverse needs.

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"I love the video and the product. I think the idea could be a little more specific but text to video is still a place where there can be much development so I still like it. The only complain I have is that the video length far exceeds the limitation. So I couldn't really go through the demo demonstration. But the first five minutes of it was very engaging and I love the way it was presented, keep it up guys!"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor