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Created by team The Goons on June 04, 2023

The purpose of this AI chatbot is to address many of the challenges companies face in providing fast, effective customer support. With call volumes increasing and customers expecting quicker responses and more self-service options, an AI chatbot is a very efficient solution that will see increased usage as time goes on. We developed the chatbot using Anthropic's Claude to provide instant responses to common customer queries 24 hours a day via text. For more complex interactions that require human judgment or access to account information, Claude can provide the customer with appropiate contact information so they can interact with a human agent. Our goal is to decrease wait times, reduce call volumes, and increase satisfaction rates for customer service organizations. By implementing Claude, companies can optimize resources while offering convenience and quick resolution of basic issues.

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"I think that the project demonstrates a clear understanding of the challenges faced by companies in customer support and offers an efficient solution with the use of an AI chatbot"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor