Created by team RedTeamAGPT on April 30, 2023

RedAGPT is an innovative and comprehensive solution designed to test network and other vulnerabilities for homes and offices. It uses cutting-edge technologies such as AutoGPT and Langchain to offer a highly efficient and effective security testing experience. The tool kit is designed with a focus on prompt engineering and seamless integration into security-focused Linux environments. This ensures that security professionals can easily use the tool kit to test for vulnerabilities in their networks and systems. The core technology used in the tool kit is AI, specifically AutoGPT using GPT-3 via the Langchain library. The AI runs a series of tests to detect vulnerabilities in the network and systems to then analyze the results of these tests and generate a comprehensive security report. This report details the vulnerabilities detected, their severity level, and recommendations on how to fix them. Overall, the tool kit for security professionals is a game-changer in the field of security testing. Its use of AI and its ability to generate comprehensive reports makes it an essential tool for security professionals looking to keep their networks and systems secure.

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"Nice idea, demo looks in a way which makes you feel like in the movie, but the response was not loading for me for few minutes when I was checking ⚡️ "


Liza Marchuk