Remote-how AI II

Created by team Remote-how AI on July 10, 2023

Remote-how AI is a revolutionary tool designed to optimize the remote work experience. Born out of a need to make remote work audits more accessible and less time-consuming, our tool leverages artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive assessments of remote work readiness for individuals and teams. Previously, we conducted remote work audits for numerous clients, a service valued at $16,000. While these audits were incredibly beneficial, they were also time-consuming and not easily accessible to a wider audience. We saw an opportunity to automate this process and make it more widely available. Enter Remote-how AI. Our tool conducts a thorough evaluation of your remote work habits and setup, providing a score that reflects your readiness for remote work. But it doesn't stop there. Remote-how AI also provides personalized recommendations to enhance your remote work practices, based on your unique needs and challenges. Moreover, our tool offers industry-wide benchmarking, allowing you to compare your remote work practices with those across different industries, countries, and professions. This feature provides valuable insights into global remote work trends and helps identify areas for improvement. Available 24/7 and capable of understanding and responding in 35 languages, Remote-how AI is like having a professional mentor at your fingertips. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your remote work experience or a team seeking to optimize your remote work practices, Remote-how AI is your partner in navigating the remote work landscape.

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"the idea is unique as it is, but i wanted to try it to get more insights, it has great business value. it is needed in our remote work environment. amazing work"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor