Created by team Hackaheads on June 11, 2023

Setting up a class action lawsuit is not easy. Lawyers struggle to streamline and communicate so many people. Participants might not know that they are eligible in the first place. This makes class actions lawsuits a long and complex process. We propose an AI moderator that has easily checks people's current situation, eligibility to join a lawsuit, onboards them and acts as a single point of contact for case's progress. Empowering the participant to understands the situation quicker because the AI guides people through understanding the legal case and providing relevant information. Empowering the lawyer to focus on strategic decision making because all the information from case participants is available. Video: Demo:

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"Great idea! The legal industry is ripe for disruption, and your project targets a significant market. Many law firms still rely on outdated processes, and finding a way to streamline and modernize their operations while providing excellent customer service is crucial. I'm excited to see how your project progresses and how it can revolutionize the legal landscape. Best of luck, and I'll be following your journey with interest! "


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green