FAQ Generator for Chatbots

Created by team Helvia labs on November 21, 2022

Creating content is tough, time-consuming, and requires experts. This is no different for content for chatbots, e.g., when creating a customer support chatbot that typically needs a knowledge base of FAQs (frequently asked questions) and their answers. This is typically done manually in practice and better tools are needed inside the customer experience (CX) platforms. We aim to provide a one-click tool for non-experts to create FAQs and responses for common use cases such as customer support. *Input*: the user can select relevant offline and online documents, such as a product description webpage, internal posts and emails. *Output*: the tool generates a list of FAQs and their answer in a number of uniform styles, e.g., formal, friendly, fun-with-emojis. *Deploy:* with built-in integrations the generated content can be published on a website or chatbot to serve automated answers. In this hackathon we focus on a proof-of-concept service that is able to extract text from a landing page and generate the company name, sector, and FAQs with appropriate answers. In particular, we demonstrate how zero-shot text generation works i) in a simple web application on Streamlit, and ii) on a web app on our systems (Helvia.io) that also puts the generated content into a running chatbot.

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