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Created by team kNowDA on November 17, 2023

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are critical legal contracts that establish a confidential relationship between parties, ensuring that sensitive information is not disclosed to others. NDAs are essential for protecting trade secrets, intellectual property, and proprietary knowledge that can be vital to a company's competitive advantage. They are important in various scenarios such as business negotiations, employee contracts, and collaborations with external partners, where there is a risk of confidential information being leaked. For new employees, an NDA provides clear expectations regarding what information is confidential and what the employee can and cannot do with it. This clarity helps prevent accidental disclosures and ensures that new employees are aware of their responsibilities from the outset. Using Cohere's Coral, we leverage the retrieval-augmented generation capabilities of large language models to accelerate and improve the painstaking process of reading long legal documents by 1) providing accurate answers to user queries; 2) suggest questions based on the given document; 3) provide citations in the generated text to original documents with visualizations. By answering users' concerns, we hope to equip workers with better knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.

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"Great use case of RAG with NDAs. Simple, yet promising solution. Although, a little work on the business side of project is needed. Good Work "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"A very clean, thought straightforward application of RAG! Its nice to see it applied to such a clearly useful application, but I would have loved to see the tech pushed further than just the standard RAG call. "


Nick Frosst