Casami - AI-guided virtual visit for real estate

Created by team Casami on June 28, 2024

## Problem When buying or renting a home, visiting is an essential step but it is time consuming and inefficient. In France, every year real estate visits cost est. 20 millions hours to sellers / renters and visitors. It takes 10-20 visits for each transaction. Meanwhile, the current virtual visit solutions are image only, non-interactive and expensive (hundreds of €). ## Solution We propose a video-based virtual visit with an AI real estate agent to present the property and answer questions, providing a natural, interactive, and affordable solution. We aim to reduce number of physical visit by 70%, at the cost of 1/5th of the current virtual visit solutions. ## How does it work? First the homeowner is guided by an AI assistant to upload all the data including standard information, documents, image and videos. The application ask questions to acquire relevent information and generate voice commentary for the videos. Visitor get an interactive visit where the AI plays the role of an agent presenting the property step by step and answering to any question. Finally, only the interested visitors proceed to a confirmation visit, saving a lot of time for both the owner and the visitor.

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"Unique area of application so i like the idea. A few more creative and specific features would take it to the next level. The audio was really low on the video"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor