live chat storyteller

Created by team Community analyzer on July 31, 2023

The Live Chat Storyteller is a mini game that enables interactive experiences between streamers and viewers. It’s a storytelling game that helps streamers create content by engaging their viewers through chat. The streamer enters their channel name in the Channel Name section and the app connects to the live chat. Meanwhile, chatters/viewers type in one piece/sentence of the story in the chat section to contribute to the story. The story is then told in a storyteller fashion using the power of Elevenlab’s technology. The streamer can now download the MP3 file or play it directly in the stream. This mini game is designed to create an enjoyable stream for both the streamer and viewers. I hope to provide a proof of concept with this implementation.

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"I can see the purpose behind the idea and its a fun idea. But the implementation wasn't spot on. The presentation could have been a little better explaining as it was a little confusing. But the front end is pretty great and I think with a little more trial and error you'll have a much better product."


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor

"It is a cool idea! The presentation includes a business plan which is a plus, but it can do a better job at explaining the concept and execution of the idea."


Chinmay Jog

Machine Learning Engineer