Created by team DiaryGPT on November 23, 2023

Journalling regularly can help you get thoughts out of your head, understand issues in your life better, reveal patterns in your thinking, bring more gratitude into your life, clarify your values, and so much more. But traditional journalling can be difficult: 1) Staring at a blank page and knowing what to write can be a barrier. 2) If you use static prompts ("What are you grateful for today?"), the practice can feel generic and stale after some time. 3) You don’t read through your old entries often, so the act of writing down your thoughts and experiences doesn’t compound in the way that it should. DiaryGPT is a custom GPT that puts self-reflection on steroids. 1) Journalling becomes more like a conversation, so you don’t have to feel paralyzed by a blank page. 2) It reacts to you with genuinely fresh and personal prompts, so journalling is much less likely to get stale or old. 3) It can reference things you’ve shared in concise language that helps you learn from past experiences. In this way, DiaryGPT is a mashup of journaling and more involved forms of support like talking to an empathetic friend. It becomes a guide through your mind. It asks thoughtful questions, and doesn’t judge. It’s around 24/7 and it’s not very expensive. Journaling is already a good personal development tool but DiaryGPT amplifies its power. 

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"good idea to have a friend tell him how is your day is going and also give you reflection. excellent work"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor