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Created by team Gforce on November 18, 2023

Our project, Co:Sona, was born out of a desire to humanize large language models (LLMs), which we observed had become increasingly robotic and devoid of unique perspectives. We, Kelvin, Jacky, Kevin, Can, and Ganesh, sought to create a chatbot that could be tailored to any specific use case, capable of impersonating any character, figure, or model. We envisioned a platform where users could upload content to construct a unique persona for their tasks, thereby personalizing their interaction with the chatbot. We had a vision of a chatbot that could assist users in learning a new language from their favorite TV characters or superheroes. We imagined a platform where users could engage in conversations with their favorite characters, getting to know them on a personal level, and even receiving the latest news report from a trending politician. This innovative approach to chatbot design was aimed at making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable for users. We also designed Co:Sona with a broader social goal in mind. We recognized the rising global issue of loneliness and saw an opportunity to address this through our chatbot. By creating a platform that allowed users to interact with their favorite characters in a fun, safe, and engaging environment, we hoped to provide a form of companionship and entertainment that could help alleviate feelings of loneliness. The potential applications of Co:Sona are vast. It could be licensed by schools as a tool to help combat depression and anxiety from a young age. Companies could use it to teach new languages in an engaging way. Call centers could use it to make their services feel more accessible and personal. By providing a unique and tailored experience, Co:Sona aims to increase acceptance of chatbots and make them a more integral part of our daily lives. Built With Front-end / Design ● 🎨 Figma ● 📄 NextJS ● 💨 TailWind CSS ● ⌨ TypeScript Backend ● 🐍 Python ● 🪸 Cohere Coral ● Jupyter Notebook

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