Created by team AERA on July 04, 2024

BYTE: Your Pocket-Sized Nutritionist BYTE is a mobile app designed to be your personalized guide to healthy eating. It empowers you to make informed dietary decisions with features like: Scan Anything: Analyze food labels with your camera for detailed nutritional breakdowns. AI-powered Chatbot: Ask questions about food and get personalized advice based on your health profile. Multilingual Support: Get dietary guidance in multiple languages for a more inclusive experience. Find Alternatives: Discover suitable substitutes for foods that don't fit your dietary needs. Vibrant Community: Connect with others who share similar dietary restrictions and exchange tips. Built with Cutting-Edge Technology: BYTE leverages Google Cloud technologies and advanced AI models to deliver accurate and personalized results. Secure Data Management: Your health information is securely stored in Google Cloud Firestore. Advanced Image Recognition: Analyze food labels with BYTE's powerful image recognition capabilities. Personalized Chatbot: Cohere's AI models power the chatbot to understand your questions and provide tailored dietary advice. Multilingual Support: Google Translate ensures clear communication regardless of your language. Designed for Your Convenience: BYTE's user-friendly interface makes navigating your dietary needs effortless. Simple Form: Easily share your dietary restrictions and preferences for personalized recommendations. Profile Management: Manage your information, upload documents, and control your app settings. Favorites List: Save your preferred food items and recipes for easy access. Real-Time Updates: Enjoy seamless and responsive interactions within the app. Join the BYTE Community: BYTE goes beyond just an app; it's a supportive community for individuals with diverse dietary needs. Connect and Share: Engage in discussions, share experiences, & learn from others. Find Support: Feel empowered and motivated on your health journey with a supportive community.

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"Very well built product and a diverse range of tech stack showing creativity. I'd like if the idea had some more originality to it, but otherwise i think its a solid product"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor