PsychGen - Conversational AI for Psychotherapy

Created by team EmoSync on November 03, 2023

With 15% of working-age adults facing mental disorders and an annual loss of US$ 1 trillion in the world due to impaired productivity from depression and anxiety, the necessity for real-time emotional and physiological monitoring is paramount. PsychGen, developed using AutoGen multi-agent platform, aims to democratize mental healthcare through AI-driven personalized psychotherapy sessions, addressing the global rise in mental health issues and the inaccessibility of traditional therapy. Utilizing a robust technology stack including AutoGen, Streamlit, OpenAI, AssemblyAI, Audiocraft, and DALL-E, PsychGen transitions seamlessly from text to audio, audio to music, and finally to video to enrich the therapeutic experience. The project encompasses multi-faceted agents such as a Psychological Chatbot for profiling and script generation, Speech and Music Generation for a meditative voice output and soothing soundtrack, Image and Video Generation for visual representation of therapy themes, and a Mixing agent for creating a comprehensive therapy session. PsychGen holds the promise of democratized access to psychotherapy, real-time personalized mental health support, and scalability for integration with other mental health resources, envisioning a future where quality mental healthcare transcends traditional barriers and is accessible to all.

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