Created by team Mind Merge on June 22, 2023

We're building a novel Telegram bot that enhances digital communication by introducing a blend of scheduling functionality and AI-powered personalisation. The bot allows users to schedule messages for future delivery to a chosen recipient. This is an excellent solution for cross-time zone communication or planning ahead. Beyond scheduled messaging, the bot embraces artificial intelligence to craft engaging responses. It takes user's message descriptions and generates context-specific prompts for AI conversational tools like ChatGPT. For instance, a user can enter 'birthday message' and the bot generates a personalised, suitable prompt. This feature aids users in crafting more engaging and thoughtful messages, elevating their communication. Moreover, this integration with ChatGPT adds a level of personalisation and context-awareness, enriching the user's communication experience. From sending timely birthday messages to a friend in a different time zone to wishing a colleague on their promotion, this bot stands as a tool for seamless, effective communication. Overall, this bot intertwines the efficiency of scheduling and the power of AI to enhance communication. It's designed for those valuing punctuality and thoughtful messaging, using AI to push digital communication boundaries.

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