Created by team EngBoo on February 27, 2023

Once upon a time, I was endeavoring to create exemplary English messages, but alas, I was facing considerable difficulties in expressing my thoughts in a sufficiently sophisticated manner. Despite my best efforts, my language often fell short of the standard I aspired to attain. It was a disconcerting state of affairs, for I knew that my messages were not meeting my own expectations, much less those of my intended audience. However, my luck took a turn for the better when I decided to create a Telegram bot that would assist me in rewriting my messages with more complex vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, all while maintaining the original meaning. With the help of this ingenious creation, I was able to elevate the level of my language and improve the eloquence of my messages. Thanks to the bot's diligent efforts, I was able to communicate my ideas with greater clarity and precision, and I soon began to receive compliments on my writing from my peers and colleagues. My confidence in my abilities soared, and I found myself eagerly composing messages with the knowledge that the bot would enhance them in ways that I could not have done on my own. In conclusion, the bot I created has been a game-changer for me, transforming my writing from pedestrian to polished. With its help, I no longer feel daunted by the prospect of crafting great messages, and I look forward to continuing to improve my language skills with its assistance.

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"The Telegram bot described in this project is a great example of the application of technology to solve a specific problem. The author was struggling with expressing their thoughts in a sophisticated manner and created a bot that could assist them in rewriting their messages with more complex vocabulary and idiomatic expressions while maintaining the original meaning. The bot's diligent efforts have helped the author improve the eloquence of their messages and communicate their ideas with greater clarity and precision. This project is original in its approach to language improvement and has clear business value for anyone looking to improve their communication skills"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Super good effrot for a solo. Would love to see this grow further with more dynamic adoption of language to context and learning from previous chat experiences. Keep. on Building. "


Pawel Czech