Pampushka Chatbot

Created by team Pampushka on February 03, 2023

This bot is capable of automation of interview stages in which respondent is to answer questions with firm correct and wrong responses. Bot will communicate with interview respondents via web-application.​ This application will be like chatbots used on sites to help students and other scholars write academic papers. Bot sends question to the candidate and a person input answer in the provided field.​ Afterwards, model estimates the quality of provided answer and bot informs respondent about it.​ Our model utilizes endpoint.​ The set of questions available to choose from is in the database and predefined (for this version of project).​ The training sets of answers are also in the database with links to their respective questions.​ There must be at least some number (to be estimated) of answers per quality per question for the model to be well-trained.​

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