Created by team TeChieStar on June 20, 2023

Use Case: Automatic Mail Writer based on Subject and Receiver's Email Description: This use case describes the functionality of an automatic mail writer system that generates email content based on the subject and receiver's email address provided by the user. The system aims to streamline the process of composing emails by automatically generating the body of the email based on predefined templates or rules. Actors: - User: The person who interacts with the automatic mail writer system to generate Preconditions: - The user has access to the automatic mail writer system. - The user has a valid email account. Basic Flow: 1. The user accesses the automatic mail writer system and logs in with their credentials. 2. The user provides the subject of the email and the receiver's email address. 3. The system validates the entered information, ensuring that the subject is not empty and the receiver's email address is in a valid format.

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