Created by team Abdulaziz Abander on March 05, 2024

The platform would be the venue for the architect and office designers to pre-train their architects design libraries into the platform where the AI platform would train itself and adopt those libraries where it would base itself as AI super mind as a real human being part of the team that their designs were submitted to it. Then the platform would generate an elevated high-level design that have designer or office imprint or style so in a way that office designers or the architect would not lose its touch through assistance of the AI. The platform is powered and trained by the Saudi Construction Code procedures and guidelines. Chatbot where It should allow users to input prompts and interact with AI tool in conversational manner where NLP is used. The NLP engine can use advanced machine learning algorithms to determine the user's intent. The platform would have added value features than the rest of the platforms out there as the AI would mirror itself as an object where it maps itself towards the surroundings and other relevant parameters of the design. This approach helps to create a design document that blends harmoniously with the surroundings and provides pleasant experience for the people will utilize this design after construction completion. The platform to provide real-time feedback and design adjustments based on user input, preferences, and project requirements allows architects and office designers to make changes rapidly and efficiently which promote a dynamic design process. Architect or office design jointly with platform support team would be able to train their unique or imprint or touch of their designs and styles. collaborative design processes, where multiple architects or office designers can work on the same project simultaneously and share designs.

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