Real Estate AI

Created by team Soul AI on May 27, 2023

Our project utilizes the Anthropic Claude to understand long, complex texts such as HOA disclosures or inspection reports within the real estate industry. Leveraging the model's capability to understand and generate human-like text, we aim to offer the user a quick summarization of the lengthy documents. The model will pinpoint and highlight the key points and risks in the document. Furthermore, based on user requirements and inputs, our AI assistant will provide a recommendation score. This score will aid users in making a more informed decision about the property they're dealing with. To ensure that our solution meets user needs effectively, we plan to design it to conduct constructive conversations based on further user questions. This conversational aspect will provide users with deeper clarity on specific points, thereby fostering better understanding and decision-making.

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"Fantastic project! I'm truly impressed by your innovative approach to modernizing the real estate sector and make processes faster. It's exciting to see how your solution has the potential to make a significant impact. I can't wait to witness your next steps and the progress you'll make. Best of luck on your journey!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green