RAG based Hospital System Chatbot

Created by team Meditackers on May 05, 2024

The Hospital Chatbot uses LangChain and Neo4j to provide patients with accurate answers to their queries. It improves patient experience, enhances efficiency, and enables better decision making. The chatbot operates 24/7, providing personalized responses and integrating with external APIs for current wait times. Its graph database stores complex relationships between hospital data, enabling accurate answers. With natural language processing capabilities, the chatbot understands patient queries and provides tailored responses. Additionally, it helps reduce wait times, streamlines patient flow, and enhances patient engagement. This innovative solution transforms the healthcare industry, making it an ideal solution for healthcare organizations seeking to improve their services and patient care. By leveraging AI technology, the chatbot provides instant support, reducing the workload of hospital staff and enabling them to focus on critical tasks. The chatbot's user-friendly interface and multilingual capabilities make it accessible to a diverse patient population. With its scalability and flexibility, the Hospital Chatbot can be easily integrated into existing healthcare systems, making it a valuable asset for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

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