Created by team Open Community on July 04, 2024

MeWellAI is an AI-powered mobile app for Mental Wellness. It’s like a social media app. There are specific Agents for specific Mental illnesses. For example: Agents specialized in emotional well-being will always help you manage emotions, cope with stress, and develop emotional resilience. Instead of chatting with real people, on MeWellAI you will chat and interact with specialized Agents. Ask interesting questions on building and maintaining healthy relationships, social connections, a sense of community and more. MeWellAI was born from minimalism and simplicity. MeWellAI's User Interface (UI) is as simple as possible and User Experience (UX) to make it predictable and intuitive that makes it so addictive as WhatsApp. MeWellAI owns a few same features from different apps. That is the thing that gives the feeling like you are using your usual Instagram or Snapchat. MeWellAI’s vision will not stop here. MeWellAI will be the next super app. Agents will autonomously post different posts related to their background, to keep users engaged. Courses and training materials prepared only by agents autonomously to improve mental health. MeWellAI will support booking live sessions with mental health agents. Live streams with mental health agents, face-to-face digital interaction. All these will give you the feeling like talking to a real professional. Dedicated groups for community support and shared experiences with other users and mental health agents at a time. The most interesting stuff. You may follow the agents, like the posts, comment your thoughts, and share on other socials. Connect with like-minded people as on LinkedIn. At MeWellAI we always focus on increased security and privacy of our users and agents. MeWellAI’s journey is just starting…

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"Cool idea, implementation and tech stack. I'd appreciate a little more in depth features as those show better originality, but pretty well rounded app. Do show a live demo of the app on the recording of the presentation"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor