Story Prep

Created by team Story Prep on January 14, 2024

What if you could learn another language by reading your favorite authors? And I don't talk about just reading them with a dictionary at hand. I mean lessons that teach just the necessary for you to enjoy that particular story 🗝🚪. Story Prep allows you to generate vocabulary sheets and downloadable listening exercises based on any work of fiction. All you need to do is upload your book/story. With this material you will learn all the necessary words and grammar to jump into an uninterrupted reading experience. From a technical perspective, this project uses two repositories: -, which converts an external web app into a Clarifai module. -, the actual web app repositoy, hosted in Vercel. This approach allows you to work on your favorite (and probably more flexible) frontend stack.

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"Great project with a really nice-looking UI and a good presentation. It would be great if you had talked about the market need, business value, and further improvements."


Sumanth Papareddy

ML Developer Advocate

"Decent presentation, love the UI of the app. On the other hand, presentation lacked business impact and market analysis. Need to work in these areas. Good work! "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Great UI and demo. Hope you continue developing it further, it already feels like a product. Some ideas - add images as visualization for the words (if applicable), add separations in audio between blocks, add multilingual support (if thats possible), add popular books as possible sources."


Artjom Kurapov